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Thank you for purchasing The Truth About MACD Video Series. You will receive a new video each week for 10 weeks total. The first two videos are below. Please sign up for the email list to get the rest.
Your Paypal account will automatically be billed $7 to start, two monthly payments of $36, and that's it! You can cancel anytime -- just email

Step 1: Your Email Address Was Received

Step 2: Watch the First Two Videos and Listen to the Audio Presentation

Click the links below to download the discs and watch the videos as soon as you're ready. You don't need to wait until you receive the CD-ROM. Your link to this page will remain available for twelve weeks after date of purchase, so take your time and learn The Truth About MACD.

Package - click icon below Description
Lesson 1 of The Truth About MACD video series introduces the MACD by graphically showing how its constructed.  Illustrates the many moving parts of MACD by showing how the MA crossovers, the MACD lines and the MACD Histogram all relate to each other. 

Watch with the Study Guide for Lesson 1 at the ready.  There is a quiz at the end of each video.  Feel free to hit pause to take notes as you go along.

Lesson 2 of The Truth About MACD video series introduces back testing and gives you a baseline for comparison for all strategies tested. Study Guide for Lesson 2

Download BackTesting Report #1  (the baseline report) as a free study guide to this video.  Its also got a lot more data than presented in this video.

The Truth About MACD CD-ROM Starter Kit


Truth About MACD Starter Kit
includes 30 min audio presentation revealing 8 secrets about MACD and Missing Link software for TradeStation® and StockFinder®. (">zip file format)

A password is now required to access the disc contents. It is BTR-MACD1

Here are installation instructions and demos for the bonus software on The Truth About MACD disc:
TradeStation Add-ins Installation Instructions
TradeStation Demo

StockFinder Add-ins Installation Instructions
StockFinder Demo

To take advantage of the demo software on the disc, you need to have TradeStation or StockFinder.   Disclosure: I'm a StockFinder affiliate.

Next Steps

The easiest way to find MACD Divergences is to join

Or you can scan the markets yourself with software add-ins from BackTesting Report. Since you watched the video series, you are qualified for a special discount on MACD Divergence Detector Add-ins for TradeStation or StockFinder. These normally sell here for $249 each, bundled with the four Truth About MACD BackTesting Reports. But you can get them now from this page only:

Order MACD Divergence Detectors Add-ins for StockFinder™ - $147

Order MACD Divergence Detectors Add-ins for TradeStation™ - $147

TradeStation and StockFinder sold seperately.

If you paid by credit card, this transaction will appear on your bill as "PAYPAL *BACKTESTING".

Video Instructions:

1. Click the icon for the video you want to
watch.  A new browser page will open.

2. On the new page, click the triangle-shaped
arrow in the center to begin viewing the video.

Disc Download Instructions:

TheTruth About MACD Starter Kit is packaged in a self-extracting winzip file for quicker download.    Here is the easiest way to access the contents:

1. Click the green Download Now button above.

2. When a dialog box appears asking you to Open or Save the file,  Choose Open 

3.  A security warning box may appear. Click Run.   This runs the self-extraction utility that will automatically unzip the report files for you.

4. The Winzip Self-Extractor dialog box will appear.    Click Browse and select a location such as desktop to put the report files.   This is important or you may not be able to find the files on your computer.

5. Supply the correct password: BTR-MACD1

6. A dialog box appears telling you that it unzipped the files successfully.

7. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the location where you stored the report files.

8. Double-click on the  readme.txt or readme.pdf file to open it for further instructions.    If you encounter errors at this step, see the PDF section below.

Zip File Instructions:

If you choose to download the zip files instead, here are instructions:

When you click on the winzip file link in the table above, a dialog box appears asking you to Open or Save the file.  Choose Save and put the file on your Desktop or other location where you can find them.

Navigate to the folder containing the zip file.   Double-click on the zip file to open it.  If you encounter errors at this stage, you probably need to visit to get a free evaluation copy of winzip.

Inside winzip, click the large Extract button to read the files out into your folder.  Double-click on the  readme.txt or readme.pdf file to open it for further instructions.    If you encounter errors at this step, see the PDF section below.

The disc contains audio (and software files).   You can click on the mp3 files to play the sound track -- they are named in order of playback.

Software Instructions:

Read TradeStation Instructions

Read StockFinder Instructions

Watch Videos:

TradeStation Add-ins Installation Instructions
StockFinder Add-ins Installation Instructions

TradeStation Demo

StockFinder Demo

PDF Instructions:

Most computers can read PDF.   If yours can't, download the ADOBE Reader from


Visit for more background information or email

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