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Independence + MoneyShow SF Aug 23-24

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Happy Independence Day!
I'll make this quick since most of us in the US have BBQ and fireworks to attend.
Thinking about independence, and also interdependence. I started with a Wild West ideal of self-sufficiency which translates in the modern world to what? Being able to push my own shopping cart to gather food conveniently brought to my town by all kinds of people all over the world, for one example. It would be fascinating to grow and harvest my own food, but realistically I can't compete with the local super market.
While I am dependent on others (and grateful!) for the many technologies and tools that make my life easier and maybe longer, I also still deeply desire control of my own destiny, which means control of my own finances. Being able to manage my accounts quickly, easily, and with peace of mind that I can figure out good times to get in and out -- that means a lot to me.
On this day of Independence I encourage you to take a moment to ponder what areas of life you count on others and where you want to be fully able to take care of yourself.
By the way, if you are in the San Francisco Bay area later this summer, please join me for the [1]MoneyShow
Thursday, August 23, 2018 | 8:00 am - 1:15 pm
[2]Women on Wealth
Friday, August 24, 2018 | 2:40 pm - 3:25 pm
[3]New Research in ETF Rotation Strategies
Best wishes for your success, Jackie
Jackie Ann Patterson Founder, Own Mountain Trading Company
1. conferences.moneyshow.com/moneyshow-san-francisco/?scode=045679 2. conferences.moneyshow.com/moneyshow-san-francisco//special-events/women-on-wealth/?scode=045679 3. conferences.moneyshow.com/moneyshow-san-francisco//workshop/89784ee766ff4200afe202d5e5a0749d/new-research-in-etf-rotation-strategies/?scode=045679 Update Profile: app.icontact.com/icp/mmail-mprofile.php?r=87279561&l=143530&s=DD01&m=1178971&c=369225
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