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With the MACD Divergence Alerts you can...

  • gain an edge with unique data
  • save time vs searching for divergences yourself
  • get back test results to help assess risk/reward
  • focus more on trading, less on tools
  • easily pinpoint high-potential divergence situations

With ETF Rotation you can...

  • find out how popular ETFs rank
  • watch the forward-testing of a simple strategy
  • see where the algorithm rotates in real market situations

Click here for current ETF Rotation Performance Statistics. (Past performance is no guarantee of future results.)

MACD Div Alerts is protected by an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, just email to get a full refund within 30 days of payment. I will promptly refund whatever you have paid within the last 30 days. No hassles and no questions asked -- although it would be nice to know what you think might improve the service.

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Check out these timestamped sample newsletters, which show how the sell signals came about in February 2020.
All subscriber levels get the Bronze Rotation alert below. Silver, Gold, and Platinum subscribers also got yield sell signals to get out of stocks before the COVID crisis decimated the US stock market.

What You Get with Each Level

Here is a video of my market analysis created on Sept 7, 2020. Everything covered in this Sept 7, 2020 video (and more) is available to subscribers at the Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels.

Join now and gain immediate access to the world's premier MACD Divergence research site, plus ETF Rotation.

Save with an the annual subscription -- take 2 months free, plus bonuses! See the Order page for detailed pricing.
Add the following bonuses when you sign up for an annual platinum membership:
Levels of Divergence Alerts Bonus

Each level also includes everything in the lower levels.

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Join now and gain immediate access to the world's premier MACD Divergence research site!

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Terms of Service:

  1. You will receive sensitive and confidential information with this service. It is intended for your private use only and not to be re-broadcast or published in any way.
  2. This data is NOT individual investment advice. Please consider consulting a licensed professional for advice on whether to trade and how much to risk.
  3. This data is NOT an offer to buy or sell securities.
  4. This data IS computer-generated from stock prices. While best efforts were made to provide accurate and timely data, its likely that errors will occur. Certainly, computer simulations such as back testing have significant differences from reality.
  5. Its very possible to lose money trading. Even if your loss is the result of our error, the limit of our liability is the fees you have paid for the divergence-alerts service.
  6. You will manage your risk responsibly.
  7. You agree to abide by the Terms of Service.
  8. You understand the privacy policy.
  9. Any refunds must be made with 30 days. After that time, any payments are non-refundable, and cannot be pro-rated (because of the terms of the credit card processors).
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