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180223 – Sample of Stocks with MACD Divergence on Weekly Chart


MACD divergence on a weekly chart for NASDAQ stocks.
These free alerts focus only on MACD Lines divergences on NASDAQ stocks on the weekly chart on the Friday date of this post. For divergences on all US stocks and ETFs each day, including
MACD Histogram divergences, you need a paid subscription to divergence-alerts.com

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NASDAQ Stocks with MACD Divergences on a Weekly Chart

NASDAQ:CRIS Curis Inc. MACD Lines Pos Div
NASDAQ:CRIS Curis Inc. MACD Lines Pos Div
NASDAQ:PODD Insulet Corporation MACD Lines Neg Div
NASDAQ:SHLD Sears Holdings Corporation MACD Lines Pos Div
NASDAQ:SHLD Sears Holdings Corporation MACD Lines Pos Div
NASDAQ:SKYW SkyWest Inc. MACD Lines Neg Div


A MACD divergence occurs when the price hits a new extreme but the MACD indicator does not confirm that behavior.
These divergences are found daily by the MACD Divergence scanners .
Sample results from scans on the NASDAQ are posted here on Thursdays for the preceding Friday.
For timely scans of the whole US stock market, join divergence-alerts.com.


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