The table below contains the results of scans for intra-day MACD Divergences on the S&P500 stocks and the CBOE Weekly Options Expiration underlying stocks and ETFs. This table can take several minutes to load. It displays best in Chrome, Firefox, or Edge browsers (not Internet Explorer).

Scans are performed in real-time, immediately after the bar closes. It takes about 15 minutes to run the scans and post the results here. The US Stock market opens at 9:30am eastern time. The first 60 min bar closes at 10:30am eastern time. The data is posted here about 10:45am eastern time and every hour at about :45 after the hour until the market closes. One final intra-day post happens about 4:15pm eastern time.

The times listed in the chart (in the rightmost column) are in eastern time (except for May 2011 where the time zones are pacific time).

For plots and background info for in-depth analysis, visit the INTRAS Plots and Archives page.

This page displays best in the Firefox or Chrome browsers. Internet Explorer not recommended.
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